Tum Tum

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Left: Mike O'Hara and Mark Hosler of Negativland fame listen to TumTum.
Brooke Ahnemanne, one of the creators of Tum Tum, explains the work to friends.

Tum Tum is a location aware narrative that reacts to the viewer's location. It is located at historic Tumwater Falls in Olympia, Washington. It plays on a Tablet PC with Global Positioning System receiver and headphones. GPS tracks your location to determine how the story unfolds - in real time, in real space, as you navigate magical Tumwater Falls Park. In addition to its importance as the earliest white settlement in the Olympia, Washington area, this park holds a special place in the local Native history and folklore. Tum Tum was the first name given to this remarkable site. The word is used to describe to the beating of the heart, as well as life forces.

Mike and sister Nicole on the bridge at Tumwater Falls Park. Mike runs the phenomenal Capitol Theatre in downtown Olympia, Washington.

This work is one of three collaborative works done by students of the Camera to Computer Course at Evergreen State College in the spring of 2003. Participants include: Brooke Ahnemanne, Jessica Davis, programmer/instructor Jeff Knowlton, instructor Naomi Spellman, Justin Tanner, and Nate Turajski. It tells the story of the river's journey over time. Students worked together with local storyteller Rebecca Hom, who is known through the Olympia Storytelling Guild. The story unfolds spatially as one walks through the park.