On This Spot

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On This Spot is a commissioned art work, a QR code based, faux historical, audio tour in Morgantown West Virginia, produced by, written by, from a concept by, Jeff Knowlton. It is located at Hazel Ruby McQuain Park and works on the iPhone and Android phones.



On This Spot is site specific, but you can experience the audio here.


The QR Code triggers a download of audio files that have been read by voice actors. It is formatted somewhat like a Ken Burns documentary.....except that On This Spot would be poking a sharp stick in Ken's side.


On This Spot was commissioned by the Electronic Literature Organization for its 2012 conference. Special thanks to the very brilliant Sandy Baldwin, the super kinetic Dene Grigar and the Taroko Gorgeous Nick Montfort. Voices were provided by Jessica Rothert, Jeremy Hight, Jeff Knowlton and Dave Skwarczek. Lisa Hight contributed Mathilda Sweeney's letter to Mary Todd Lincoln.