A Brief Bibliography And Taxonomy Of Gps-Enabled Locative Media

by Julian Bleecker and Jeff Knowlton
Leonardo Electronic Journal, Volume 14, Issue 03


location-based media, locative media, geography, place, GPS, cartography, map-making


Since the event "Locative Media Workshop: Mapping 'the Zone'" (http://locative.x-i.com), locative media has circulated through the emerging and electronic arts communities with some interest. As a cultural marker for the developing interest in locative media, this workshop stands in as an important moment in the developing history of the practice, showing the creative uses to which Global Positioning System (GPS) technology could be employed. This essay provides an introduction to GPS-enabled locative media, provides a few examples of both GPS-enabled and other forms of locative media, and launches a collaborative taxonomy and bibliography project to annotate, index and catalog locative media projects, in the broadest sense.

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Reading The Future

Reading the Future, Centre for Global Dialogue, Reuschlikon Switzerland. Reading the Future is an internet based 3d data space that examines the phenomenon called Global Aging and its effects upon our families, our societies and our cities. It was commissioned for an international policy summit on Global Aging at the Swiss think-tank. 

Planes of text float in a 3D space perpendicular to the ground plane. Passing through planes of text, the reader moves forward, down the street, between the buildings, through a virtual city space, though the body of the text.

A Text For The Navigational Age

A Text for the Navigational Age, 1999, was my Master's Thesis at CalArts. An internet based 3d text coded in VRML, the work explores my subsequent addiction to the map after moving from Orlando to Los Angeles and the shift from an elevation based conceptualization of city space to one that is plan based.


Cookie Proust

The premise is simple, objects evoke memories: a place, a time, a loved one. Like Marcel Proust spun out into an elliptical trajectory on his petite Madeleine, we offer our possessions for sale on eBay with the orbiting associations and stories attached.

Each of these items offered for sale is accompanied by a history or story, accurate and truthful as can be accounted for given the Roshomon-like reality that we inhabit. The auction, auction item and story combine to form a fine art piece. As such, at the close of auction, the high bidder will receive the auction item, as well as one high quality print of the auction web page that includes graphics, auction item photos and the text of the piece as it appears on screen. The print will be signed by the artist.

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